The Center

Our campus, Mount Holyoke College

Our campus, Mount Holyoke College

Staff and counselors are carefully selected for their interest in young people and their competence in dance and music. Counselors provide individual student supervision and are responsible for organizing group activities and pastimes. Housemothers are present at all times to look after the students and offer personal help or advice.

A large dormitory accommodates students and staff in single and double rooms. Roommates are assigned with attention to age and temperament. Requests for specific roommates will be considered. The directors reserve the right to make final assignments.

The dance studios are within walking distance of the residence space.

Well-balanced meals, supervised by an authorized dietitian, are served at regular hours in the nearby dining hall.

A list of equipment required for ballet classes and suggested wardrobe will be provided.

Our primary concern is the well being and safety of our students. Any personal injury, no matter how slight, must immediately be reported to the office. No student may leave the school premises without permission from a staff member or leave unchaperoned. BBC requires written permission from the parents for any individual outing outside of the school’s activities. Students are held financially responsible for any damages to their rooms or college property through their actions or carelessness.

BBC maintains its own liability insurance. Mount Holyoke College shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to property in college buildings, properties or facilities.


It is our opinion that swimming and rest periods provide the necessary relaxation to sustain energy and a positive attitude in the classroom. Students are encouraged to attend Mount Holyoke College’s Olympic-sized swimming pool daily (at assigned times under supervision). Occasional shopping trips to nearby Holyoke Mall take place on Saturday afternoons. Sunday excursions are planned to the Saratoga Performing Art Center, Jacob’s Pillow and other sites of interest.

Written Essay
Students are encouraged to write an essay on a ballet topic of their choice. Weekly visits to the Holyoke Library are supervised by the Housemother. Three essays will be selected.

Talent Show

A camp tradition, the talent show scheduled during the first week of July. We urge students to participate and prepare for this event by bringing whatever is needed to perform (cassette, audio tapes, CD, costumes, etc.).

A party for July birthdays will follow the Talent Show.

Photo Competition
The three most outstanding photos showing the creativity and artistic sense of the student will be exhibited.


Talks are given by distinguished guests invited to the Center to meet the students. The talks provide BBC students with a unique opportunity to share in the insights of world renowned performers, dance historians and critics.

Christopher Wheeldon sharing his ballet experience with our students.

Christopher Wheeldon sharing his ballet experience with our students.

Past guests have included Shaun O’Brien, Selma Jeanne Cohen, Judith Fugate, Tamara Geva, Nancy Goldner, Doris Hering, Marion Horosko, Robert Johnson, Deborah Jowitt, Anna Kisselgoff, Regina Kunzle, Sondra Lee, Adam Luders, P.W. Manchester, Patricia McAndrew, Coleen Neary, Don McDonagh, Walter Terry, John Taras, Violette Verdy, Kate Keller, Kathy Van Patten and Robert Tracy.

A series of full-length movies and documentaries that cover a wide range of international ballets and performers are shown weekly.